About Us

ByoPlanet International® is the industry leader in advanced Induction Charged spray delivery systems that is revolutionizing the way Cruise Lines, EMS, Corporations and Contractors view and treat public health. We manufacture electrostatic spray equipment that utilizes physics to provide TOTAL and UNIFORM surface coverage to any surface without the threat of cross contamination. This evolution in electrostatics allows customers to create a healthier environment for their employees, their patients and their hard won customers.

In early 2015, Clorox was introduced to ByoPlanet International and the field of electrostatics as a potential technology for the delivery of products to surfaces in a way that would reduce labor allocations, reduce cross contamination and improve outcomes. 

As with every new opportunity, the Clorox team spent almost a year vetting ByoPlanet and the equipment as well as the business potential that could come with combining induction charged delivery with the broad portfolio of ready-to-use sanitizers and disinfectants.

After a year of testing, the Clorox team came to the conclusion that ByoPlanet was the right company to partner with and was worthy of the 100 year old Clorox brand name.

This technology allows users to reach harmful pathogens in the hardest to reach places (including sensitive equipment) where traditional methodologies or protocols just don't reach. It helps eliminate odors at their source, control pests and even enhance existing mold remediation techniques in a faster, more cost effective way.

This process was successful at eradicating the largest Norovirus outbreak in CDC history on one of world's largest luxury cruise ships and was also used on the ground in Haiti after their 2010 devastating earthquake to help mitigate and stop the spread of infectious diseases on the ground.

The HazMat suit comparison video demonstrates the ability of electrostatic spray to reach and treat 100% of the surface area compared to any hand, pump or trigger sprayed application.

The innovation and science behind ByoPlanet's® research and development has led it to deliver the most advanced disinfectant equipment available to help clients improve surface and air quality while reducing their environmental footprint. This process has been heavily field tested in very germ heavy environments such as; fish processing and trucking plants, cruise lines, airlines, long term care facilities and schools and has proven that a modest investment in this technology can make a significant improvement to a companies' bottom line.

Find out how ByoPlanet and the new Clorox Total 360® System can improve your business!