Schools, Universities, and Education Centers Have Trusted Byoplanet® for their Electrostatic Disinfection and Sanitization Needs Since ByoPlanet’s Birth.

Disease-causing pathogens can affect the wellness of staff and students. To help fight the spread of pathogens, environmental surfaces should be properly cleaned and disinfected to ensure efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisms.

The ByoPlanet Electrostatic Sprayer System is an innovative electrostatic sprayer that delivers trusted solutions to the front, back and sides of surfaces, providing superior coverage to reduce the risk of transmission. By adding electrostatic disinfection to your existing infection control program, you are keeping your facility safer while saving time, money and labor.


Pathogens like MRSA, or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, can live on people’s skin and, as a result, can easily be transmitted by surfaces. MRSA can be found as part of a person’s skin flora and can be easily shed and continue to live on environmental surfaces, creating a possible vector for transmission to other people. Help prevent the spread of infection-causing pathogens by practicing the following recommendations:


Clean daily with standard cleaning procedures, including:


Take out trash


Remove visible soil.


EPA registered disinfectant wipes listed on the EPA website.

EPA-approved disinfecting sprays listed on the EPA website.


Incorporating an electrostatic disinfection into your infection control protocol can help prevent the spread of MRSA within school classrooms and facilities.

At the end of the day, use an electrostatic sprayer that utilizes patented electrostatic technology to provide wraparound surface coverage. The electrostatic sprayer should be UL-listed, tested for efficacy and safety, and meet OSHA standards.

Ask us about ByoPlanet’s surface coverage data to see the efficiency of ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Sprayer Systems.

Recommended electrostatic sprayer: ByoPlanet® MS-700 Electrostatic Sprayer System.

Recommended Disinfecting Solution: Disinfecting solutions are EPA-registered against bacteria capable of infections like MRSA or VRE; viruses capable of causing outbreaks like influenza, rhinovirus, and coronavirus. The product should also have broad surface compatibility for the variety of materials found in classrooms. Recommended disinfecting solution: eStat O2 and/or Clean Republic Disinfectant Cleaners Click here to re-order solution, or to subscribe and save

Following your standard cleaning procedure, disinfect high-touch surfaces using your electrostatic sprayer. Surfaces include: desks, chairs, physical barriers, door handles, light switches, cabinets, drawer handles, shared classroom equipment, computers keyboards and mice.


Educational facilities should complete an end-of-day clean including electrostatic disinfection at the end of each day.

Facility managers should consume 10 cases of product monthly when incorporating electrostatic disinfection once per day.*

See how the ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Sprayer System can help reduce absenteeism rates in elementary schools HERE.