Daily Use of The ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Spray System Helped Reduce Absenteeism Rate by 53% During Peak Cold and Flu Month


A Florida elementary school serving an average of 1,250 students had two absenteeism rate spikes of +10% and an annual average rate of 6% during the 2017–2018 school year. The school used the ByoPlanet Electrostatic Spray System paired with a disinfectant cleaner on a monthly basis in addition to daily manual cleaning and disinfecting. They wanted to find ways to improve their absenteeism rate and minimize outbreaks.


In an effort to keep the students and staff healthy, the school increased the application of the ByoPlanet Electrostatic Spray System from a monthly to a daily basis during the following school year. Due to the sheer size of the school campus, a portion of the school was treated each day such that each individual room in the school received treatment on average once per week. The system was applied in areas including classrooms, restrooms, nurse’s station and cafeteria.


A more frequent application of the ByoPlanet Electrostatic Spray System during the 2018–2019 school year resulted in a 14% decrease in the overall average absenteeism rate and a 53% decrease in the absenteeism rate for the peak flu season month of December, as compared to the previous school year.* A neighboring elementary school with similar enrollment and demographics in the same school district didn’t increase the frequency and continued to apply the ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Spray System on a monthly basis in addition to their daily manual cleaning and disinfecting. The neighboring school saw significantly smaller reduction in the absenteeism rate at 4% during 2018–2019 and still experienced a spike in flu cases during cold and flu season. “I’ve been very pleased with how much we were able to reduce the absenteeism rate and not have any outbreaks by using the system daily despite a long cold and flu season in 2018. Going from monthly to daily helped and we plan to keep using this system on a routine basis for the Schools System to keep our students and staff healthy,” said Christopher Shudy, Director of Custodial Services. *The absenteeism rate results are not statistically significant.

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