ByoPlanet CS 900 Series

The ByoPlanet® CS-900 was engineered with the commercial end user in mind. It is durable and incredibly effective for large scale electrostatic delivery and optimum disinfection. It has non-marking wheels for easy transport and maneuverability and will not leave scuff marks because the rubber feet will protect floors and prevent sliding during hose distribution.

This unit allows the user to treat thousands of square feet at a time in just minutes versus hours - without the threat of cross contamination generated by mops, spray bottles and wipes.

The goal at ByoPlanet is to improve overall surface and air quality while reducing the environmental footprint. Outdated janitorial cleaning methods and harsh chemicals can be inadequate at reaching and killing pathogens that hide and multiply in hard-to-reach places. ByoPlanet® electrostatic delivery systems can safely treat sensitive equipment and provide a safer approach to disinfection, pest and odor elimination and enhance existing mold remediation techniques.

Improving the health of an organization, translates directly to the bottom line by reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. Our superior electrostatics are currently being utilized on cruise ships, factories, farms, hotels and airlines where they reach, treat and protect you and your customers at less cost!