A winning partnership for your facility - superior surface coverage with trusted Clorox ® Sanitizing and Disinfecting solutions.

Byoplanet and Clorox® Professional Products have joined forces to meet the ever changing needs of commercial industries. This partnership enables Clorox® Professional Products to offer a new, complete system that provides superior electrostatic sprayer coverage, powered by Byoplanet, combined with Clorox® Sanitizing and Disinfecting Solutions. 

Introducing the Clorox® Total 360® System, a new cost effective and efficient way to help keep your facilities free of pathogens in a way that you could never do before!*

*compared to trigger sprayer per square foot; claims are up to their stated values

$400,000 — Cost to a major university to combat a Norovirus outbreak

Clorox Classroom
Illness and infection impact where you learn.

Average annual cost of illness to employers

Clorox Office
Illness and infection impact where you work.

$14,000 — The direct cost of hospitalization alone due to a MRSA infections

Locker Room
Illness and infection impact where you play.