The Innovative ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Spray System Provides Superior Coverage for Healthier Facilities.

ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Spray Systems provide greater surface coverage in less time with less solution. Designed with the end-user in mind, the system is built for maximum efficiency with minimal waste, delivering better results quickly and easily.

The patented ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Spray System is a powerful, efficient, and reliable method to ensure all surfaces – front, back and sides – can be properly disinfected and sanitized. The superior “wrap around” coverage provides better protection against the spread of illness-causing germs, faster and easier than ever before.

Reliable Delivery System
The corded system ensures safe grounding and consistent electrostatic output. No variance in performance due to operator handling or battery life.

Advance Nozzle Design
The patented, lightweight nozzle provides reliable atomization and particle size. Delivers uniform wrap around coverage on all sides of the target.

Powerful Air Compressor
The dynamic air compressor enables fast, efficient delivery of charged particles to all surfaces. Cover more intended surfaces in less time.

The ByoPlanet® Electrostatic Spray System delivers superior coverage not only to the front, but also the side and back of the target

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