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Over the last 15 years, ByoPlanet® International has been the leading global supplier
of electrostatic sprayers to help reduce the risk of illness across the globe.

ByoPlanet's commitment

Our planet is constantly threatened by diseases which prove to shape decisions in our daily lives and business operations without permission. At ByoPlanet® International we analyze, develop, test, and deploy products that battle the pathogens that can disrupt our way of life.

As multiple pandemics claim thousands of lives, we resign to the devastating consequences of being unprepared, hopeless because of misinformation, lack of Information, or limited resources such as equipment, disinfection products, and infection control protocols to combat pathogens.

ByoPlanet® offers support to help you, your loved ones, and your business create a comprehensive infection control plan.

Our scientists and research & development team are committed to develop quality products you can count on for the safety of your business. ByoPlanet helps facilities of all sizes to help reduce the risk of infection to keep your organization up and running.


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  • End-to-end development, manufacturing, sales, and aftermarket support for the world’s most advanced electrostatic technology
  • Resource group for the custom development of infection control protocols that pair proper equipment, proven chemistry and operator instructions for optimal results
  • 100% assembly testing with computer controlled automated operation and data logging.
  • Dedicated team of US-based service and support professionals
  • Modular assembly operation for rapid change and ramp-up capabilities.
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byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse
byoplanet operations warehouse


ByoPlanet® International is committed to a work environment where all employees feel they belong. When employees feel they belong, we have a better workplace where there is diversity and inclusion.

We seek and value differences in our employees. Our diversified workplace is what shapes our efforts and innovative thinking.


ByoPlanet is constantly forming partnerships with other players in the infection control and disinfection industries to offer equipment, products, chemistry, solutions, and customer support for professionals in the industry. We select partnerships that complement and work effectively with our products.

Clean Republic Disinfectant + Sanitizer

Chemistry and Disinfectant Supplier

Global Biorisk Advisory Council

Outbreak Prevention, Response, and Recovery.
A Division of ISSA

BioSheen Services, LLC

High Level Disinfecting Services and Forensic Restoration

SRS Global Services

Facility and Transit System Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

MaxAir Systems

Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) for Various Environments

Continuum Chemical Latin America

Chemistry and Disinfectant Supplier in Brazil, South America

ByoPlanet® International, LLC is the umbrella brand for all our companies. ByoPlanet was founded in 2008 with the idea of creating a superior electrostatic sprayer to combat viruses and bacteria and it has expenaded its line along the years to include carts, backpack, and chemistry.

Service Tech Team® is a subsidiary company under ByoPlanet® International. It acts as the Technical Support for ByoPlanet's Electrostatic Sprayers. Service Tech Team offers technical support, warranty services, parts sales, and customer service via on-line and telephone.

 Electrostatic sprayer systems and disinfection tools | ByoPlanet® International, LLC