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Reducing Pathogens at Animal Facilities with Armatrex (Video Transcript)

This transcript is from a recent conversation between Rick O'Shea, CEO of ByoPlanet, and Dr. Justin Welsh, Executive Director, Food Animal Technical Services at Merck Animal Heath, discussing Armatrex, an antimicrobial barrier that is applied after the disinfection step of a regular cleaning and disinfecting protocol at animal related facilities like Doggy Day Cares and Animal Shelters.

This barrier keeps reducing pathogens for up to 90 days after application and is safe for people, animals, and plants. It's a wonder technology as it continues to show new ways it can help reduce the viral load and keep animals safe from illness.

Armatrex is quickly becoming a staple at animal health facilities as it truly safeguards all dog breeds, cats, strays, hampsters, and our other beloved animals.

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Rick O'Shea: Well, Armatrex is a durable, as we call it in the industry, which is a long time antimicrobial shell. So it's a durable.

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So you put it down and it has the ability to keep on killing for days after you go ahead and apply it.

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It has a unique ability

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to go ahead and repel mold and fungus.

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And also it has the ability to go ahead and repel odor, from things growing that are bacterias that do cause odors.

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Dr. Welsh: You know, just a little history with Merck and Armatrex we've been interested in.

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This product is kind of a a different way to approach our customers

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and help our customers because at a baseline level, what Armatrex does is it helps reduce pathogens in the environment on a long standing basis.

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Rick talked about some of the real, you know, the features of the product. Why we were interested in it is we feel like with our line of pharmaceuticals vaccines,

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what happens is as our other products work better, when we can decrease those pathogen loads in these animals environments.

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I think that would make sense, right? If I expose an animal to a lower level of a pathogen that I'm trying to protect them from,

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then they get healthier, faster, they stay healthier longer.

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The way Armatrex works and its uniqueness is that it is a consistent partner to a good cleaning and disinfection protocol.

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So we don't ask in this in this system to change.

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We still have to clean, we still have to disinfect.

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We have some other ways, some new ways to do that now

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that we would probably talk about later. But Armatrex lives in the in between space between those events.

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And so it provides just a layer of really a peace of mind that there's a product that is covalently bonded when we use electrostatic sprays to surfaces and to all surfaces.

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So think about an exam room in a in a clinic where historically and we still do, we still need to when when an animal leaves after an exam there they were on the table.

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There may be some slobber or whatever. We clean that off, we spray the table, we clean it off of the disinfectant and paper towel.

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The animal leaves and we allow the next animal to come in the room.

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Now, maybe they made a mess on the floor, whatever that is. That's cleaned up as always. And that still has to happen.

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How Armatrex works, though, is we've pretreated that room with with Armatrex and it is bonded to those surfaces.

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So in the interim, it still lives there. Right? It works with the disinfect protocol, but it's also not only in the table when we apply it with electrostatic spray systems, it's under the table,

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it's on the walls, it's on the doorknob, it's on the sink, it's everywhere. Just as a layer of protection to keep those pets and the people that come in there to truly to keep them from having to deal with as many pathogens.

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When the air circulates in that room, the product works to literally clean the air as as the air currents circulate on the wall.

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Now, the cool thing is, is with working with ByoPlanet and the disinfection products that they have, we we've added another layer to that too, right?

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So when we use electrostatic sweep, we also can do that interim space when that animal leaves the room between when the next animal comes in,

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we can literally minutes or seconds even do that whole room with the disinfectant at the same time to add another layer of protection on top of the Armatrex that's already there.

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So yeah, we're really excited about it. And it's a it's a very unique, affordable technology.

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And yeah, we're excited with the partnership with ByoPlanet, what we've learned, what I've learned, what my team has learned about this space. This is really exciting to be a part of.

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