Driven By Science

Our approach to creating product technology is to rely on scientific principles and methods with the goal of enhancing their functionality, reliability and effectiveness.

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ByoPro MS-700 Cart

ByoPro MS-700 Cart

The ByoPro™ is the perfect choice for establishments with high square footage where continuous use is necessary.

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ByoPack Corded Backpack

ByoPack Corded Backpack

ByoPack™ works well in environments with multiple floor surfaces and is designed for back support and comfort.

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JetPack™ Cordless Backpack

JetPack™ Cordless Backpack

JetPack is a high performance, cordless backpack sprayer designed for ease-of-use with complete mobility.

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Jet H2 Ultra™ Handheld

Jet H2 Ultra™ Handheld

Jet H2 Ultra has plenty of power in a compact design. It allows for effortless room-to-room disinfecting with potent efficacy.

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Ultra Armor Tech Case

Ultra Armor Tech Case

Whether you're on the go or storing your equipment, the Ultra Armor Tech Case ensures your devices are always safe and ready.

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We help maintaina healthy and safe environment.

Our equipment was tested using the University of Georgia spray deposition protocols. ByoPlanet’s AAIC technology proved much more reliable than competitors that use contact charging methods due to its ability to concentrate the charge at the tip while the spray is atomized. Wrap-around surface coverage of disinfectant onto hidden areas was improved by over six-fold with less disinfectant dispensed.

Our electrostatic spraying equipment provides a more efficient and effective method of disinfecting surfaces, protecting against the spread of illness-causing germs, while washing odors and particulates from the air.

The patented Air Atomizing Induction Charging (AAIC) technology in our electrostatic equipment concentrates the spray charge in disinfectant as it leaves the nozzle of the sprayer. These charged particles are attracted to surfaces leading to an even spread and adherence of disinfectant. Due to the charge of the disinfectant droplets, they can wrap around hard-to-reach objects, 360 degrees, even if they are only sprayed from one side, which increases efficiency and drastically reduces human error.

ByoPlanet electrostatic sprayers cover more space in less time using less chemistry.

For use in, but not limited to, the following industries:

Animal Health
Building Services
Improved Surface Coverage

Cover as much as 18,000 sq ft per hour.

6x more surface coverage than traditional and contact charge sprayers.

Increased Productivity

Disinfect from a distance of 2-4 feet from surfaces covering more space in less time.

Less labor intensive disinfecting process compared to spray and wipe methods.

Amassed Savings

Save on chemistry by using over 70% less disinfectant solution than pump sprayers.

Save time it takes to disinfect by 75% over traditional spray and wipe disinfecting methods.

Health & Safety

Use safer chemicals due to the increased effectiveness of ByoPlanet® sprayers.

Reduce chemical usage due to targeted electrostatic approach.