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Our mission is to create and provide innovative, science-based solutions to promote healthy living and working environments.

We design our products to be safe, efficient, and sustainable, developing advanced technologies such as electrostatic spraying and cloud-based monitoring systems. Our effective disinfection and sanitization products and services help protect people from harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria, improve the quality of our indoor air, and prevent the spread of diseases. We are committed to improving public health and well-being across all communities.

Social Responsibility

ByoPlanet Pledge

Our obligation to individuals and organizations is to act in a way that minimizes harm to the natural environment and promotes sustainable practices.

  • To produce effective, innovative, and sustainable products that are good for human health while preserving the environment.
  • To deliver full transparency of ingredients and processes.
  • To partner with like-minded businesses and organizations who share our mission to help eliminate the use of harmful chemicals and create change.
  • To continue to refine our products based on the most cutting-edge science.