ByoPlanet's bCOOL™ Cooling Technology Enhances Performance and Recovery for Major League and College Teams



ByoPlanet's bCOOL™ Cooling Technology Enhances Performance and Recovery for Major League and College Teams


Athens, GA, May 25th, 2023 – ByoPlanet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Plandai Biotechnology, Inc. (OTC: PLPL), a leading provider of innovative cleaning and disinfection solutions, is proud to announce the utilization of its groundbreaking bCOOL™ cooling technology by major league and college sports organizations. The bCOOL™ device, powered by ByoPlanet's patented technology, revolutionizes heat-related conditions by spraying a thin, even layer of water over the body, effectively keeping athletes cool and enhancing their performance.


Elevated core body temperature can hamper performance and impede recovery during intense physical activity. Recognizing this challenge, ByoPlanet developed bCOOL™ as a commercial-grade cooling device that offers a range of benefits to athletes. By spraying a fine mist of water over the body, bCOOL™ aids in quicker recovery, facilitates evaporative cooling, and allows the skin to cool even in the most humid environments.


bCOOL™ employs the Expansion Cooling technique, ensuring that athletes can enjoy the benefits of cool water regardless of its initial temperature. As water is sprayed from the bCOOL™ nozzle, a rapid change in pressure occurs, leading to a significant drop in temperature – a principle known as Gay-Lussac's Law or Expansion Cooling. This innovative approach eliminates the need for refrigerants or ice to cool down the water.


Furthermore, bCOOL™ leverages evaporative cooling, a process that enhances the rate of water evaporation from the skin. By increasing airflow over wet skin, bCOOL™ accelerates the cooling process, thereby reducing the risk of heat-induced illnesses, decreasing muscle fatigue, and minimizing muscle cramping. In fact, bCOOL™ has demonstrated the ability to cool skin temperature management areas by an impressive 8° in just 30 seconds.


ByoPlanet's bCOOL™ technology has already proven its effectiveness in various sectors. It has been utilized by major league teams like the New York Yankees, New York Mets, Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays, Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, and a number of college teams like the University of Mississippi, University of Georgia, Clemson University, University of Texas, and many others.


bCOOL™ is also being used to rapidly cool firefighters and first responders as they exit intense scenes, qualifying as an active cooling device under the National Firefighter Protection Act 1584.


"We are thrilled to see our bCOOL™ technology positively impacting the performance and well-being of athletes,” commented Steve Cooper, ByoPlanet's Senior Vice President of Research and Development. “As summer approaches and temperatures continue to rise, bCOOL™ is necessary for athletes and sports teams at every level. It offers a competitive advantage by keeping athletes cool and aiding in their recovery."


With the anticipation of major heatwaves this summer, ByoPlanet's bCOOL™ cooling technology emerges as an essential product for athletes and sports teams seeking a cutting-edge solution to combat the heat. ByoPlanet remains committed to providing innovative solutions that enhance performance and promote the well-being of athletes across various sports.

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