Introducing the "Pawsitive Change"

A Revolution in Animal Shelter Care!

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Pawsitive Change is a program designed to help change millions of shelter animals' lives. With a monthly reach of over 200M animal lovers, and a donation of up to $25M from ByoPlanet, we aim to drive a movement of urgency around saving shelter animals.

Our Mission

Every animal finds a forever home... no lives lost to illness. It breaks our hearts to witness healthy animals being euthanized simply because contagious diseases have taken a toll on other shelter animals, resulting in an overwhelming spread of viruses. But today, we are determined to change this catastrophic ending. Our mission is to save the lives of countless shelter animals by harnessing the power of technology to swiftly eliminate pathogens, giving us more time to shower our furry companions with love.

Our Purpose

Unleashing a philanthropic movement that equips animal shelters nationwide with cutting-edge disinfectant equipment and supplies, we're effectively curbing the spread of devastating viral diseases. In our groundbreaking inaugural campaign, ByoPlanet has generously pledged up to $25 million worth of state-of-the-art technology and revolutionary disinfectant to selected shelters.

Our Contribution

We are donating up to $25M worth of 'Support Bundles' to deserving shelters. Each bundle includes our ByoPro electrostatic sprayer paired with the Clean Republic Multi-purpose disinfectant. By utilizing these bundles, shelters can not only decrease the incidence of animal illnesses but also save valuable labor time during facility disinfection — ensuring a healthier and more efficient environment for all.

Our Giveaway Initiative

When you generously donate $50 or more, you're not just contributing funds — you're empowering shelters. With each donation of this amount, we invite you to nominate a deserving shelter of your choice to be a recipient of our Support Bundle. This is an opportunity for you to direct our aid to a location close to your heart, ensuring that shelters you're passionate about receive the tools they need to provide a cleaner, safer environment for the animals in their care. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of countless animals.

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