Jet H2 & Ultra Armor Tech Case Bundle

Introducing the ultimate duo for those who demand excellence in disinfection and convenience: The Jet H2 Ultra™ Handheld Sprayer and Ultra Armor Tech Case Bundle. The Jet H2 Ultra™ is a marvel of modern technology—portable, powerful, and perfectly suited for those on the move and those who want the convenience of a handheld device. Its electrostatic spraying capability ensures comprehensive room-to-room disinfecting, and with induction charging technology, it stands at the forefront of combating germs. Say goodbye to cords and restrictions, and hello to unmatched mobility and efficiency. 

This bundle is more than just products; it's a toolkit designed to empower you in the fight against bacteria and viruses. Whether you're moving from room to room or traveling between facilities, this dynamic duo ensures that you're equipped to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and efficacy. With the Jet H2 Ultra™ and Ultra Armor Tech Case, you're not just prepared; you're armored for excellence.  

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Complementing this technological powerhouse is the Ultra Armor Tech Case, designed to be the Jet H2 Ultra™'s perfect partner. The hard polymer shell is as tough as they come, waterproof and resilient, ensuring that your Jet H2 Ultra™ withstands the rigors of travel, storage, and use. With a custom foam interior, every component has its place, from the sprayer to the charger and batteries. 

The synergy between the Jet H2 Ultra™ and the Ultra Armor Tech Case is undeniable—a combination of sleek design and practicality. Not only does the case provide robust protection for your device, but it also offers the convenience of having all your essentials in one place. This bundle isn't just about carrying your sprayer; it's about carrying it with confidence, knowing that it's shielded by the best, ready at a moment's notice for the task at hand. 

 *Please note that the H2, charger, batteries, and other contents are sold separately.